Well, well, well. Sometimes you just wake up on a Monday and feel like you’ve got to make a change, no matter how miniscule. And sometimes it’s not miniscule. Sometimes it unintentionally takes a week of coding and reformatting and Photoshopping until it’s just right because you didn’t realize that changing your domain name would be such an endeavor. Hello. This has been my week.

The thing about starting a blog, anytime really, but especially in your teenage/young adult years is that those years are a time period of exponential growth and change. Age 18 feels worlds different from 20, and I’ve been blogging under the name Tr[i]b[e]cca since I first started blogging at 16 (albeit under different platforms). When I began blogging, I took outfit photos with the help of my friends in the hallway after school every couple of weeks. My senior year I invested in a tripod and started taking my photos by myself, a bit more regularly. My first year of college was pretty much the same thing and when I decided to blog over here, I expanded to include recipes and DIY projects instead of just fashion posts. My point is, my perspective has changed so much since I adopted my first blog name, and I know it will continue to change as I continue blogging. “Tribecca” was a nickname that a bunch of people called me in high school, but nicknames can be fleeting, just as perspectives are. I’ve had countless nicknames (basically everything save for Becky) but I’ve gotten them all at different times in my life from different people. But despite all these different identities and different perspectives, I like to think I’ve maintained a core set of values, interests, and ideas. Really what it comes down to is being true to yourself and staying faithful to your identity despite your ever-shifting surroundings.

This may sound all a bit too thought-out for something as silly as a blog, but blogging for all these years has provided me with an outlet for expressing myself, whether it’s been through posting photos of an outfit I was proud or through sharing a recipe I concocted — so of course I see my blog title as being closely tied to my own identity. Through it all, in years to come, I’m trying to live by a simple, now cliché sentiment, “Stay gold.”  (The Outsiders, anyone?). Stay honest. Stay true. It’s important to give yourself permission to change, but I think that change is possible while maintaining a continuous sense of self. Here’s hoping so, anyway.

I hope you continue in this new phase with me. And, as always, stay gold.